Film in Focus

1 Semester
Grade Level (s):
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Film in Focus introduces students to the idea of “film as a text” and how to “read” a film. Films contain the complexity and context which can be found in both literary and nonfiction sources. Just as with literary work, a reader of film must develop a trained eye to analyze, discuss and appreciate film. This course will explore questions such as how film is a unique form of artistic, personal, and political expression, and what the relationship is between film techniques and narrative effect. As well, students will examine the role of film in society and the medium’s effect on people, trends, history, and collective emotional understandings. Students will also read a selection of literary works that have been turned into films and discuss the differences in a director’s versus an author’s choices, and get to the essence of the art of adaptation. Students will also become conversant in film theory in order to produce high level analysis and critique of work viewed in and out of class. Students will view films with the purpose to engage in discussion, collaboration, and critique. Students will have a chance to work across many forms including writing film critiques, engaging in visual analysis, and crafting original screenplays. Non-fiction reading will sample from publications such as the New Yorker, The Atlantic Monthly, Variety, as well as other contemporary, and scholarly sources.