Middle School

Middle School

The ASD Middle School incorporates design thinking and inquiry-based learning to allow the exploration of individual interests. The capstone of the ASD Middle School experience is the Week Without Walls program, a week-long educational travel experience that is distinguished for promoting global awareness and opportunities to learn through service.

Academic Program

The ASD Middle School provides a challenging college preparatory program, offering what is best about American education by providing learning experiences that promote the maximum potential of students. ASD is aligned with Common Core State Standards and follows a Standards Based grading scale helping to prepare students for college and careers beyond high school.

The school year consists of two semesters. Students follow a block schedule, alternating between four 75‐minute classes on one day, and four other 80‐minute classes the next day.

Middle School Course Catalog

The Middle School offers a variety of courses that support students’ academic goals and personal interests. 

Unique Programs


Pursuits provides students with opportunities to pursue their personal interests through an additional 45-minute period during the middle school day. Students have a choice to enroll in various subject areas such as language, art, physical education, science, design, and more. Examples of Pursuits courses include: Historical Film, Airplane Design Challenge, Gardening, Climbing, and French Language Support. Students select a new Pursuits course every 6 weeks to provide the opportunity to explore a variety of activities throughout the school year. Pursuits are guided by ASD faculty.

Week Without Walls

Week Without Walls (WWW) is an annual service learning program for middle school students. Based on a solid curricular foundation, WWW extends students academic skills to authentic, real-life experiences occurring outside a traditional classroom. The WWW experience develops a greater understanding and appreciation of cultural diversity, different environments, and international awareness...

Meet Sheryl Gruber

Middle School Principal

Sheryl Gruber brings over twenty-five years of international experience to ASD. She has served at international schools in Pakistan, Taiwan, Indonesia, and was most recently the Middle School Principal at Academia Cotopaxi in Quito, Ecuador. She has also worked for nonprofit organizations in Bolivia, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Borneo. Sheryl has a passion for education and continually challenges herself and others to make the world a better place. Sheryl received a Masters in Education from the University of Minnesota and certification in International School Leadership from the Principal’s Training Center (PTC).

Sheryl Gruber

Co-founding an NGO dedicated to tropical rainforest conservation

Biking across Myanmar

The incredibly strong and supportive community

Campus Life

ASD offers a variety of athletics, aquatics, campus recreation, student club, and arts activities for middle school students.