Tuition & Fees

As an independent, not-for-profit school, all tuition and fees fund the cost of education. The not-for-profit status is an important feature of ASD as it supports the ability of the school to focus on the quality of education over satisfying any profit or investment expectations of owners or shareholders. 

2024-2025 Tuition & Facility Fees

Grades Facility Fee Tuition Fee (AED)*
PreK - 59,180
K1 - 62,620
K2 12,984 68,355
G1 - 12 12,984 87,268
*For USD, the rate is 3.672

Special Education: For SY 2024-2025 a fee of AED 50,125 applies in addition to the school fees listed above for Students of Determination who require Special Education Services as specified in their Individualized Service Agreement. 

Annual Fees

Facility Fee

Students from K2 to G12 who are non-corporate seat holders are required to pay an annual fee of AED 12,984. This fee is dedicated to the annual maintenance of the school facilities.

Tuition Fees

The Tuition Fees are dedicated to providing the educational program. A significant percentage of this fee is allocated to employee salaries and benefits.

One-Time Fees

Capital Fee
All new students who are non-corporate seat holders, or current students no longer holding corporate seats, contribute to sustaining and developing the facilities with a one-time capital fee of AED 22,000. This fee is dedicated to the continuous development of the world-class facilities funded by former and current ASD families. 

All new families may pay the Capital Fee in three annual installments of 7,333AED.   

Apply Now

Applications for the 2024-2025 school year are now closed.


Payment Terms

Seat Reservation

Once a space has been offered, an AED 10,000 non-refundable seat reservation is required to secure the seat. This amount is credited towards the total school fees. 

Payment Plans for SY 2024-2025

 ASD has availed  a variety of payment options to both individuals and corporations. For corporations and individuals payments can be made through bank transfers.  In addition, for individuals, who wish to make their payments through installments, there are several options: 

  • ENBD Credit Card 0% Installment plan*
  • Direct Debit (monthly or quarterly) 
  • Post Dated Checks

*for more information please check directly with the bank

For more details on payment options, deadlines, and procedures please contact the Business Office at +971 04 395 0005 ext. 1870 or



Payments for corporations as a full payment or in two installments have the following options for SY 2024-2025. 

  • June 1, 2024: Deadline for payment of 50% of the fees per invoice
  • September 1, 2024: Deadline for payment of 50% of the fees per invoice


If the June 1 payment along post-dated checks or direct debit application are not received in accordance with the payment schedule, your child's re-enrollment is incomplete and the seat will be forfeited and made available to others in the waitpool. 

Payment can be made in the form of cash, local check, direct debit, or wire transfer. Questions regarding payment procedures should be directed to the Business Office at +971 04 395 0005 ext. 1870 or

Where Tuition Fees Go

The Chief Financial Officer manages the school’s finances under the guidance of the Superintendent and overseen by the Board of Trustees. All are committed to delivering an instructional program aligned with the mission of the school while also maintaining and improving the school’s long-term financial health.