Advanced English 10

1 Year
Grade Level (s):
  • Prerequisite/Corequisite (s):
Minimum grade of B+ in English 9 or English 9 teacher recommendation.

Advanced English 10 emphasizes our students' development of skills for close reading, evidence-based writing, vocabulary use in context, precise language, and collaborative communication. Students engage in close, critical reading of a wide range of complex literary (poetry, drama, and fiction) and nonfiction works. The course trains the reader to observe the small details within a text to arrive at a deeper understanding of the whole. It also trains the writer to focus on crafting complex sentences as the foundation for writing to facilitate complex thinking and to communicate ideas clearly. Written genres will include rhetorical, argument, synthesis and literary analysis, which prepare students for more rigorous coursework in the future. Students will be expected to successfully manage the demanding pace of reading and writing.