Arabic/French/Spanish Intermediate Mid (1)

1 Year
Grade Level (s):

The Intermediate Mid world languages course continues to develop language proficiency in Arabic/French/Spanish and understanding of these cultures around the world. Students interact with others to meet their needs in a variety of familiar situations, creating sentences, and asking a variety of follow-up questions. They make presentations, expressing their views about familiar and some researched topics using connected sentences. They identify the main idea and key information in short, straightforward informational and fictional texts. Students can converse with peers from the target culture in familiar situations at school or at play and show interest in basic cultural similarities and differences.

(Note: Language learners will generally spend around two years acquiring the language skills at the Intermediate Mid level, due to the increased linguistic complexity required of the interactions at this level. The Middle School Intermediate Mid course is an introduction to this level and some students may be recommended for placement in Intermediate Mid (1) in High School to have the opportunity to build a solid foundation at this level before progressing to Intermediate Mid (2). Recommended placements are made in collaboration with the MS and HS teachers based on student performance and proficiency at the end of Grade 8.)