Arabic Advanced Low 1

1 Year
Grade Level (s):

The Advanced Low 1 world language course is for students who have reached a high level of Arabic  language proficiency by following a non-native / non-heritage language learning progression in school. In this course, students engage in a variety of informal and formal conversations on topics related to school, home, leisure activities, current events, and matters of public and community interest. They sustain longer conversations and handle linguistic challenges when presented with an unexpected turn of events. They narrate and describe in academic writing in the major time frames of past, present, and future, combining and linking sentences into connected discourse of paragraph length with sufficient accuracy, control, and clarity to convey their intended message. At this level, students are challenged to comprehend more complex texts.

Students can converse comfortably with others from Arab cultures in familiar and some unfamiliar situations and show some understanding of cultural differences. They can also demonstrate awareness of subtle differences among cultural behaviors and adjust their behavior accordingly in familiar and some unfamiliar situations.