Graduation Requirements

The American School of Dubai (ASD) is an international U.S. curriculum school that inspires students to be global citizens and positive contributors. The curriculum offers a comprehensive, personalized, and rigorous program of studies that prepares students to pursue global opportunities. 

Our academic program builds self-directed and passionate learners through college-preparatory courses and college-level courses. Our advisory, elective, experiential learning, and extracurricular offerings build important skills and competencies that allow students to discover and develop their abilities and interests. ASD offers a block schedule in which students can earn credits during the year. Semester and year-long courses are offered with a standards-based cumulative grading system. 

25 Total Credits Required for Graduation

*Defined as the completion of one full credit per year of high school. 
**All students registered with an Arab passport must take Arabic Language Arts in accordance with UAE law. This may count towards their language progression credit. 
***Design and Innovation courses can be counted as Visual & Performing Arts credits OR Information Technology credits.
****Any core subject course beyond the minimum ASD requirement. 

Course Min. Credits
English* 4
Mathematics 3
Science 3
Social Studies 3
World Languages** 2
Course Min. Credits
Physical Education and Health 2
Visual & Performing Arts*** 2
Information Technology*** 0.5
Core Electives**** 3
Non-Core Electives 2.5