Arabic Language Arts 09

1 Year
Grade Level (s):
  • Prerequisite/Corequisite (s):
Prerequisite: Arabic Language Arts 8 or equivalent

Arabic Language Arts 9 follows the UAE Ministry of Education Standards to develop reading, writing, listening, speaking, and language-use in Arabic. Teachers use the Queen Rania Teachers Academy Readers and Writers Workshop approach which supports explicit instruction in reading strategies and writing processes, individualized instruction, and feedback for improvement. Students listen to, read, analyze, and discuss a variety of Arabic texts incorporating reading comprehension strategies, such as making inferences and using context to determine meaning. As writers, they follow the writing process, to express opinions, write information/explanatory and narratives sequencing their ideas clearly. In speaking, students summarize the point a speaker makes and explain how each claim is supported by reasons and evidence. They use technology to enhance reading, writing, speaking, listening, and language skills.