Five Minutes with Phil Ridley, Theatre Director

Phil Ridley
What is your role at ASD?

Theatre teacher and director

How long have you been in ASD?

21 Years

Why did you choose to be an educator?

I lucked out! I was drafted too young as a professional athlete and felt I needed another year at university after completing my BA before I took a chance at trying out for the CFL. Well, lo and behold, the B of Education year at university was an 'eye-opener' in so many ways. I loved it! I knew right away teaching was something I wanted to pursue with all of my heart!

What is your favorite book/quote/movie?

Movie—"Power of One"
Book and Musical—"Les Misérables"
Quote—"Every human life is insignificant, unless you, yourself, make it great." Pere Murray

What is your favorite class/topic to teach in ASD?

No favorites. I feel blessed to teach at ASD!

Share something that makes ASD special 

There are some things that really stand out: It is a not-for-profit school; the tolerance and patience of the students, parents, and faculty with all of the different backgrounds; the parental support at ASD; the Arts Faculty at ASD

Share your favorite ASD memory

I cannot mention any musical or play because I have 'truly' enjoyed them all. However, I have two memories that really stand out for me:

First, ASD’s Julian Maawad, Nick Walsh, Max Dunn, and Christian Ridley ran the final race of the 2010 International Screaming Eagle Track Meet in Cairo, Egypt. ASD HAD TO WIN this race in order for ASD to win this track meet for the first time ever ( It features the wonderful voice of Vanessa Maawad!

The second memory that will stay in my mind forever happened this year when ASD hired Julia Ridley (my daughter) to the ASD faculty. Thank you!

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