Ahne Crawford-Ridley on 21 Glorious Years

Ahne Crawford-Ridley
What is your role at ASD?

6th Grade Social Studies & Drama Teacher, Coach, Choreographer, Director

How long have you been in ASD?

21 glorious years!

Why did you choose to be an educator?

I tried out many jobs when I first left university such as working with the Federal Government of Canada on a parenting module project for teachers, the stock market in Montreal, and for Elizabeth Arden in Kingston to name a few! When I saw how energized, happy, and fulfilled my husband, Phil Ridley was each and every day after teaching, I decided at 42 to make a career shift. It was because of his passion and compassion that I chose to become an educator. It has been the most wonderful adventure that has brought me great joy.

What is your favorite book/quote/movie?

"Wherever you go, there you are, so be there with all of your heart."

What is your favorite class/topic to teach in ASD?

Social Studies & Drama!

Share something that makes ASD special 

The community. Teachers and Administrators come and go but many of our families stay with us for many years. They help create a foundation of "belonging" by giving back to the school. Whether it is with their time, their financial support, or their baking, our community supports our school in so many ways. ASD is like a rich and colorful tapestry. The students represent all the threads consisting of multiple nationalities, cultures, and religions that, within our classrooms, cover us all with a greater global understanding.

Share your favorite ASD memory

After 21 years, I have too many but seeing our children, Julia and Christian graduate from the old Jumeirah campus and then return to Dubai and to ASD to coach, teach and support a whole new generation of Falcons has been such a great gift. Musicals, athletic events, variety shows, debates, MUN... I have been honored to witness all that ASD does to bring out the best in her students, no matter how long any of us may be part of her journey.

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