Arabic Language Arts 10 - Foundation

1 Year
Grade Level (s):

Note: This is a pass/fail course.

Arabic Language Arts 10 (Foundation) aims to build student confidence and a foundation in Arabic Language Arts, and is designed as a bridge to accessing regular Arabic Language Arts courses for students who do not have a background in the Arabic language but are required by the government to be enrolled in Arabic Language Arts based on their Nationality. Instruction is personalized and targeted to develop language skills, with a significant focus on literacy, using the UAE Ministry of Education Standards for Native Arabic. Students listen to, read, analyze, and discuss a variety of Arabic texts incorporating reading comprehension strategies. As writers, they follow the writing process, to express opinions, write information/explanatory and narratives sequencing their ideas clearly. In speaking, students summarize the point a speaker makes and explain how each claim is supported by reasons and evidence. Enrollment is based on teacher recommendation only.