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ASD Adopts Haiku Learning Management System

Sept. 20, 2012
Web based K-12 learning platform promotes creative and community approach to teaching and learning at ASD.



The American School of Dubai adopted the Haiku Learning Management System (LMS) this fall to enhance classroom communication and partnership between teachers, students, and parents.

An online teaching, learning, and communication tool, Haiku LMS allows everyone—teachers, students, parents—to capture an understanding of what is going on in the classroom.

How is Haiku used at ASD?

Haiku is currently in use at the middle school and elementary school levels. Teachers can use Haiku as a platform to create an informational resource specific to their classroom's learning and teaching. Haiku classes contain everything from unit lessons and in-class activities, to homework and upcoming quizzes. Students use Haiku as a resource for classroom information and communication with their teacher and each other.

The learning management system will also eventually enable parents to keep up with classroom activities. Parents will be able to see what their child is learning and how he/she is progressing, as well as keep track of assignment expectations and upcoming tests or quizzes. Faculty, student, and parent response to Haiku LMS has been very positive and the American School of Dubai expects to fully integrate the system at all levels by January 2013.
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